Asbestos Re-Inspections

Asbestos re-inspection surveys, but with added Topscan benefits!

Completing your annual Asbestos re-inspections is a must. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 confirms that, and this means that nearly all Property Managers will need to set an annual budget to comply with these statutory requirements.

But are you the person that simply signs off the order year on year - or are you the person thinking “How can I make this budget go further?”

This is where Topscan can help.

Apart from providing a highly competitive rate & service, our surveyors are also vastly experienced in all of our other disciplines.

So what does this mean?  Well our competitive rates mean that we may be able to conduct the project at a lower rate than you would expect to pay. We have also often been a cheaper alternative than conducting re-inspections in house, using the latest technology and our team’s vast experience, meaning instant savings.

Plus, during our site visit to carry out your re-inspection, the surveyor could be using the savings to conduct additional Surveys to update your building outline drawings or take the opportunity to collect further key site information such as occupancy, assets, room functions, fire services and more.

One person, less disruption, more data and an opportunity to make your budget go further….

Our Asbestos Re-Inspection service includes:

  • Re-inspection of your known Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), ensuring your compliance with CAR 2012 regulations
  • Updating your existing asbestos records including Property Management Systems
  • Photos of all ACM to allow for any deterioration to be tracked
  • Detailed reports advising where there have been any changes in the condition or risk.

Our services are tailored to suit your requirements and current position:

If you’re a user of a new property management register such as the MICAD IPR Asbestos Module, we can populate the Asbestos Module with your existing asbestos records as well as adding the re-inspection results, giving you a single location for your historic asbestos information and allowing stakeholders to access the information with ease prior to attending site
If you’re already using a property management register, we’ll simply update the Asbestos Register with our findings

How often do you need to have an Asbestos Re-Inspection?

The time between inspections will depend on the type of ACM, the location and by the activities taking place in that area. In most cases it’s expected that this would not exceed 12 months: however, in more remote locations, this can be less frequent - and for high risk items it should be more frequently.

The risk is assessed by the type, extent, condition and location of the asbestos. For full guidance we suggest viewing the HSE website. Or to speak to one of our re-inspection experts, feel free to contact us.