Large format scanning

Relying on paper drawings to provide you with data on your land, buildings, assets and services is an inefficient and risky way to manage your estate.

Digitising them gives you instant access to your information; makes them easy to share with stakeholders; and secures them from deterioration, loss, and accidental damage.

Our scanning bureau can accommodate mono and colour drawings, up to size A0. They can be saved as PDF files, ready for uploading to your preferred CAFM system, or as TIFF files, so they can be converted into CAD files. Naming and saving your drawings is key to the success of your project, so we’ll work with you to ensure we deliver exactly what you require. This includes: a drawing register, so you can filter drawings by location, type, service, age, and version; a folder structure, so your drawings are named according to your needs and can be easily retrieved and uploaded to your CAFM system; and a drawing hosting service.

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