Survey services

Surveying should be straightforward, but it takes experience to get it right. Our team learn from every project they work on, and improve their skills and knowledge. This means we can exceed your surveying requirements. Our services can be taken individually or in packages, for a cost-effective approach with minimal disruption to your estate.


Measured building survey

If you have out-of-date drawings or none at all, you’ll need a measured building survey.

Drawing verification surveys

When you have an accurate outline of your building, you can relax knowing stakeholders and contractors are looking at up-to-date plans.

Asset surveys

When you think of assets, do you think of boilers, air conditioning plants and other large fixtures?

M&E services surveys

Adding M&E services to your drawing means all your building information is kept in one place.

Fire services surveys

Our survey teams will work with your fire officer to confirm the locations of up to 50 fire assets, including fire alarms, smoke detectors and escape routes.

Medical gases surveys

Up-to-date drawings of your medical gas pipelines are a requirement of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000.

Medical device surveys

Our medical device survey can capture the locations of x-ray machines, pharmaceutical fridges, examination lights and much more.

Condition surveys

When we put together an asset register for you, we can also tell you the conditions, life cycles and replacement costs of your estate’s assets.

Occupancy surveys

It’s important to know what space you have, how it’s being used, and if it’s being wasted.

3D laser scanning

Our 3D laser scanner takes one million measurements per second.

Topographical surveys

The amount of information we capture in your topographical survey is up to you.

Building elevations

Putting elevations in your drawing helps you quickly see where your building’s outside fixtures are.

Space & asset tagging (GS1)

Introducing GS1 barcode standards into the NHS will allow hospitals in England to save £3 million a year.

Architectural plans

If you want to make your buildings more efficient or expand their capacity, accurate architectural plans are essential.

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