The need for accurate information isn’t a new thing.

In 1992 we launched as a sole trader, delivering CAD services to M&E contractors on the south coast of England. By quickly providing our clients with accurate drawings, we allowed them to grow partnerships with their own clients.

These early experiences formed the basis of a close and trusted relationship we maintain with our clients today.   We have now been providing them with up-to-date information on their buildings, properties and land, how these are used, and the assets and MEP services within them for over 25 years.  The information and support we provided helped them build their careers, and they have continued to use our services and promote us to their colleagues and peers.

We’ve been growing year-on-year, delivering a bigger range of services to international clients. We’re helping hotel and retail companies to improve their long-term investment planning; enabling NHS foundation trusts to make the most of their space; protecting university estates documents from accidental damage; ensuring businesses are meeting vital compliance requirements; and supporting CAFM/CMMS providers so their systems can increase profits.

At Topscan we are unique in offering nationwide services using solely our own experienced surveyors and state of the art surveying equipment so that our customers can be sure of consistency and quality of deliverables.

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