3 Benefits of BIM for Facilities Management

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a way of designing, constructing and maintaining a building using one single and coherent computer model, instead of a fragmented set of tools and processes. BIM is not only transforming the way we design, plan and build, but also the way a building can be maintained once it is finished. The benefits of BIM in the operational phase of a building’s lifecycle are rapidly becoming apparent to the industry, where owners are constantly on the look for new ways to reduce costs and improve facility management.

At Topscan, we are huge advocates for the use of BIM and creation of 3D Revit models due to the number of ways that BIM technology has turned out to be an invaluable resource for facility managers.

  1. Better use of space – The BIM model allows facility managers to understand exactly how all the space in their property is being used. Optimised space management can then be an effective way of reducing expenses.
  2. Effective and efficient maintenance – With access to the detailed information found in the BIM model, maintenance programs are more easily created and implemented. The product information stored in BIM models t can save facility managers months of work creating accurately populated maintenance systems.
  3. Savings in retrofits and renovations – The BIM model provides information about existing conditions, thereby reducing the cost, effort and complexity of alterations, renovations and retrofits. By providing accurate and reliable information to contractors, the BIM model also prevents and reduces change orders.

The main benefit of BIM is simply saving you money in the long run.  With a clear and accurate picture of your estate, you have the advantage of being able to plan ahead and avoid possibly costly mistakes.

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