Maintaining your CAD drawings and BIM/Revit models should be a continual process as your estate and its use changes. Our experience means we keep our clients’ drawings and models consistent through every update, and we provide them with a support team so they don’t have to rely on an in-house CAD technician.


Building Services Coordination

Revit 3D drawings detailing Building services coordination and clash detection is widely acknowledged as the new industry standard for the design and build / BIM process.

Drawing review, maintenance & management

Onsite CAD technicians are expensive, and usually don’t have time to keep your drawings updated.

Drawing hosting

Drawings can clog up large areas of your buildings.

CAD standardisation

When you have several CAD drawings, and each comes from a supplier with their own markings, this can get confusing.

2D draughting

An up-to-date building outline is useful when contractors are working on your site, as you can show them your 2D drawing knowing it’s accurate.

3D modelling

3D models are easy to understand and can help visitors find their way around your site.

360° virtual building walkthrough

With this service, you can see areas of your building that are hard or dangerous to reach, without visiting them.

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