Glazing & window restrictor audit

When it comes to glazing and window restrictors, there are two key pieces of legislation your building must comply with.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 explains that if any glazing materials break, they cannot threaten the health of building occupants, whilst Part D of the Health Building Note (HBN) 00-10 outlines that vulnerable adults should not be able to force a window restrictor open beyond 100mm. Our glazing & window restrictor audit ensures you building is meeting these requirements.

We can report the conditions all internal and external glazing; capture frame construction details; identify, assess and recommend window restrictors; and provide a numerical identification system for all of these components. We’ll also inform you of any areas where compliance isn’t being met, and offer solutions to this. The information can be presented to you however you need, from Excel spreadsheets to CAD drawings.

For more information on glazing or window restrictor audits, click here.

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