Scanning bureau

Our scanning services can be tailored to your needs. We use the same levels of security as international banks in our head office, and your information is never shared with third parties. Our in-house staff will collect your documents, scan them onto our server, and return them to you.


Estates document scanning

Scanning your documents and storing them digitally frees up space which you can use better.

General document scanning

By reducing the amount of paper documents in your office, you’ll have more space for other important purposes.

Invoice scanning

With a digital catalogue of all your invoices and the ability to search for due dates, client numbers, reference numbers and more, transactions can be matched against purchase orders and payments chased without a fuss.

Large format scanning

Relying on paper drawings to provide you with data on your land, buildings, assets and services is an inefficient and risky way to manage your estate.

For more information or a quotation, please contact us:

Chad Coombes


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Thomas Almond

Business Development Manager

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Brian Johnston

Business Development Manager

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