Topographical surveys

A thorough topographical survey is vital in highlighting any difference between the true levels and gradients of the land at the project site, and those presupposed in preliminary designs.

Our topographical surveys can help you visualise the land you intend to develop. Contours, spot levels and feature lines accurately define the ground and boundaries so that you can design with confidence.

Whatever the project that you are considering, a thorough and accurate topographical survey will reduce the risk of costly downstream mistakes caused by unforeseen issues.

When used in conjunction with our a sub-surface surveys, historic services records search or drainage CCTV surveys we can provide a true picture of the land and the services within them in either 2D Cad or 3D Revit allowing for detailed designs to be created.

We will work with you to tailor a specification and proposal that suits your requirements. Depending on the size and purpose of your project we will use the latest technology to conduct the surveys (Point Cloud, Total station, drone, etc).   Should you require a topographical survey to support a BIM project we can even provide you with a 3D surface model solution in Revit format.

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